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Just got off the phone with Mtn. View.
There is a discounted rate if you are a community group (which means we'd
need 503c status)
For the next three months this is the availability of spaces (for the 2nd
thursday's of the month):
Jan - Room 2 (up to 40 people)
Feb - Room 2 ( up to 40 people)
March - Room 2 ( up to 40 people) or Lower Social Hall ( up to 100 people)
The fee schedule is here:

Note that we'd have to place a deposit, and get special event liability
insurance (which we can get through the town), ranged $116->$180 (and would
cover all meetings we booked at the same time, up to three months worth)

The ballpark fee is ~$1/person/meeting + insurance, and we'd need a $535
We might be able to get larger room availability if we moved the date around
(either different day or different week of the month).
Also you can only book rooms for up to 3 months from the current date (more
or less, there seemed to be some cutoff dates).


On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 11:49 AM, Shannon -jj Behrens <jjinux at gmail.com>wrote:

> > i think because of the (re)start of the SF group, that BayPIGgies will
> > prefer to remain in the south bay, but i'll let the membership chime
> > in if there are any biases.
> I think Wesley's right.  Besides, my experience is that a bunch of
> people get really grumpy whenever we start talking about holding
> meetings further north.
> > Another thought might be to get baypiggies a 503c (non-profit) status,
> that might make it
> > easier to get space as the companies could (maybe?) write off the expense
> as tax
> > deductible?
> Interesting idea.
> -jj
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