[Baypiggies] Grok and Plone

Donna Snow donnamsnow at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 04:20:54 CET 2008


Has anyone taken a look at http://grok.zope.org ? The actual site is a
Plone site.. but it's a newer web framework and looks really

Please keep an eye on Plone.. not only is it growing.. but there is
talk of making it much, much easier to use.. and faster :-) Lots of
talk about WSGI and "Deliverance" which will improve the templating
story for Plone.

I'm participating in the Plone Summit February 8th - 10th (about 50
invited Plonista's getting together to talk about how to make Plone
even better)

Email me offlist and let me know if you have anything you'd like to
see discussed..(for those who are using Plone)

I'm also planning on starting a Plone user group.. but there is a
strong desire from most of the Plonista's in the area to have meetings
in SF.. but we'll see :-)

Best Regards,
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