[Baypiggies] C++ parsing in Python for testing backward compatibility

Dennis O'Brien DOBrien at LeapFrog.com
Fri Feb 29 06:04:35 CET 2008


I hope this is on-topic.

I have a project (C++ code) that will soon be complete, or at least,
1.0.  Other developers will be using this API and library while
development on 1.1, etc., continues.  All future releases of this
library need to be backward compatible with games built against 1.0 of
the API.

Our team has a wide range of C++ expertise, and we've already discovered
some subtle ways to break backward compatiliby in C++.

Does anyone know of a solution using Python to test backward
compatibility of C++ classes in header files?

The closest thing I've found for parsing C++ code in Python is GCC-XML.

It looks like a good start for building a compatibility tester, but
before I go down this road, I thought it would be wise to ask people
wiser than myself.

Ultimately I'd like to integrate this with Buildbot so that every commit
is tested for compatibility with the 1.0 API.


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