[Baypiggies] what to do for our March meeting?

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Feb 29 20:14:28 CET 2008

    thanks for the kind words, wesley.
    personally i'm in favor of meet and greet with an
eye to discussing topics for future meetings.
    (again personally: ) i'm not in favor of cancelling.
    i think it will not be possible to do a good job in
getting snippets together or preparing an effective
night for newbies. i could be wrong, i often am.

On Feb 29, 2008, at 11:01 AM, wesley chun wrote:

>>    so the question is what to do?
>> * have a meet and greet and perhaps talk out possible future
>> talks or other local python community issues.
>> * cancel the meeting.
>> * other....
> in the past, we have done:
> - newbies nite
> - meet-n-greet (sometimes combined with newbies nite)
> - moved the meeting 1 week later
> - recruiters nite -- hiring mgrs and recruiters allowed to take the
> stage for X minutes each, then collect resumes at the end
> - with a smaller group, met at a dining establishment and had a late
> dinner with conversation
> but, it is rare to cancel meetings.  we used to do it more regularly
> during the early days of the group, but it's just not a common
> occurrence after 2001since enough Python interest has developed since
> then where we've always had a "group" of ppl willing to meet.
> thanks again for all your help in organizing the meetings! you're
> doing a much better job that i had in the past!  :-)
> cheers,
> -wesley

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