[Baypiggies] Charles' Checklist for XO Hacking Day 1

Charles Merriam charles.merriam at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 15:44:42 CET 2008

Charles' Checklist for XO Hacking Day

Hopefully we should have everyone get through this list by the end
of the hacking day.  It should be a good starting point.


Make a spiro-graph type piece of art in TurtleArt.
Use loops, not just repeated clicks.

Run both EToys tutorials that are included

Run some of the Pippy examples.

Install a PDF and use it as an EBook reader, including turning the
screen around and rotating the display.


Join a mesh network.

Browse the Internet when on a mesh network and not a direct connection.

Invite friends and run the chat program.

Collaborate on a drawing and on editing a document.

Share a browsing session.

Run the distance measuring system.

Run Tam Tam Jam Together

Read the Getting Started pages

Install an application included on your XO

Install an application not included on your XO


Read the "Cheat Keys" section of the wiki.  Find the game of life.
Run the diagnostics.

Read the "Keyboard Short-cuts" section of the wiki.  Complain about
the 'view source' button.  Jump back and forth between shells.
Restart Sugar.

Flash the firmware to the lastest stable version.  This should prevent
the nasty problem with losing the clock battery.

Upgrade the OS to the lasted stable version (653)

Sign up for a developers key

Find IRC from a laptop and join FreeNet's #olpc channel


Read the "Hacking Sugar" article.

Get the "Hello World" activity running.

Make a "Flashlight" code that turns the screen a few different colors.

Use GStreamer to capture and play a video snippet.

Read through some of the Chat source at the source code repository.

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