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On Jan 18, 2008 6:33 AM, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 18, 2008, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> >
> > Several current and former Piggies have worked BayCon and other
> > Science Fiction cons as staff. I Heather Stern, Deirdre Moen at least.
> <cough>  Me, too.

Yes, I remember you. "No relation."

> (Though I haven't ever worked BayCon "officially",

That's why I didn't put you in my previous post.

> and it's been years since I did anything at all.)  And if you're going
> to mention Heather, you ought to mention Jim, who's more of a Python
> person.  ;-)

Heather is working with Charles and me and the others on the OLPC
Sugar factory idea.

> But yes, there are lots of people around, the question is whether they're
> available to help.  More importantly, someone needs to step up and say
> that they're willing to be the person in charge of the bid -- I don't
> have enough spoons.

As soon as I have something definite to put to them, I will post to
various LUG lists, Baycon staff list, and such.

I believe I saw half of a hand up a moment ago, but I forget whose.

OK, people, we need a local Chairbeing. As Michael Siladi likes to say
at Baycon staff meetings, everything will be your fault. But you won't
have to do much of it. That's what staff is *for*. The Chairman needs
to be able to hold the overall vision together, and keep track of all
of the department heads and their primary responsibilities, with the
aid of some able paper-pushers. But the Chairman does much of this
simply by asking very regularly, "How is everybody doing?" and making
sure that they keep up, get help, or move over and let someone else
handle it. In the nicest possible way consistent with making sure it
happens. Oh, and the Chairbeing is responsible for making sure that
everybody involved has fun doing this, in between the headaches.

The local Chairbeing is not the Conference Chair. Our staff and crew
will be responsible for defined local arrangements, and not for
program, exhibits, or speakers. Isn't that right?

Questions? I don't have the answers, but I know whom to ask for them.

> > Would Google like to be a sponsor?
> We should probably send e-mail directly to Leslie Hawthorne, I don't know
> how much she monitors the list.  But they're almost certainly going to be
> a sponsor (they're a Diamond sponsor for this year's PyCon plus they're
> sponsoring the Core sprint); again, the question is whether Google
> can/will contribute people resources to make an SF PyCon happen.

We should also bring in the 2008 Summer of Code.

> Another point is that this is really a four-year commitment (2008 through
> 2011), because the central PyCon committee will probably prefer to again
> have PyCon in a single location for two years.  I don't want to scare
> anyone off, but I also want to be realistic.


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