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wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 23:41:32 CET 2008

my company is hiring technical people... we are a Python shop. see the
blurb below.  contact me offlist  if interested!


NearbyNow is hiring engineers! We are the "Google of shopping
centers," making every brand, product, and sale at a mall
*searchable*, changing the way you shop forever! Sure there's online
shopping, but an even faster developing trend is the number of people
who *shop* online but *buy* offline -- this includes *you* if you need
to obtain your item *today*, don't want to wait for shipping, or to
buy items such as shoes and clothing you want to try on first before
making a purchase. You can search malls via the web, or by using our
SMS mobile platform with your cell phone if you are not near a

We even have a product availability feature where we check to see if
an item is available for you at a store in the mall as well as giving
you the ability to have it reserved for you to pick up! We can even
tell you the closest parking lot to that store! Our company is growing
quickly... we have nearly 200+ NearbyNow-enabled malls spread
throughout the US now! Find out more about us at the link below... the
jobs page is slightly outdated but does provide some company info:


We have great management and investor teams (just got our Series B
last year), and our employees come from companies like Facebook,
Yahoo!, Cisco, Ask.com, Akamai, Macromedia, LoudCloud, Netscape, Sun,
SGI, Shopping.com, and PeopleSoft. We've also gotten a lot of press
from the recent holiday season... we've been in the Wall Street
Journal, the New York Times, and most recently, the front page of the
biz section in USA Today! If you're curious as to how our service
works, there are a bunch of YouTube videos as well.

We are primarily seeking sharp, detail-oriented, self-starter and
visionary engineers (with a passion for coding *and* shopping), but
positions are also open in the network operations and QA/testing
teams. We code mainly in Python, but there is also some C, Java, and
shell script and database development too. We have many open
positions, but three of them include:

1. Experienced general software engineer comfortable in a mostly Linux
(Red Hat, RHEL/CentOS) development environment with Python, Java,
and/or C/C++ skills; comfortable throughout the stack, i.e.,
networking (TCP/IP), database access (SQL, ORMs [i.e. SQLobject]),
threading, APIs/interfaces (XML, JSON, REST, HTTP, SOAP), report
generation (CSV, XLS, etc.) plus dev tools like Trac, SVN, wiki

2. Web UI artisan... web2.0, AJAX, CSS, XML, templating, Javascript,
JSON, DHTML, ID/UE-eye for details, etc., plus at least one backend
server-side development language (Python, Java, PHP, C/C++) and
Javascript library (Dojo, jQuery, Prototype, MooTools); bonus for
having CherryPy + Cheetah and/or full-stack MVC web framework (Rails,
Django, TurboGears/Pylons) experience; we have more than one of these

3. Search architect with DB/SQL, archival, relevance, and search
engine experience like Xapian, Lucene/Nutch, Egothor, etc. and
developing data access-level APIs for applications; bonus for having
SEO/SEM experience.

We're located at the Palo Alto - Mtn View - Los Altos tri-city border
near the corner of San Antonio and El Camino. Mail me privately at
wesc at nearbynow dot com if you're interested.

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