[Baypiggies] please vote for february meeting date

John Menerick john at cellspinsoft.com
Sun Jan 27 00:44:36 CET 2008

+1 Feb. 21st.

John Menerick

On 1/25/08, jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:
>     for our february meeting, guido van rossum will
> preview his keynote about python 3000 at pycon,
> in which he discusses what python 3000 means
> for your code, what tools will be available to help
> you in the transition, and how to be prepared for
> the next millennium.
>     our meeting is currently scheduled for february
> 14, which is valentine's day. there are claims that
> attendance will be low and that some of you will
> be doing other things that evening.
>     there is the possibility that we can arrange to have
> the meeting on february 21, the following thursday,
> instead. guido is willing and able to speak on
> either date. google may be able to provide facilities.
>     please vote on which date you want the bayPIGgies
> meeting:
> +1 means you want a change to february 21
> -1 means you do not want a change, you want the
> currently scheduled date of february 14
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