[Baypiggies] PDI/Dreamworks Is Looking for Pipeline Engineers

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Thu Jan 31 03:14:57 CET 2008

Norman, Tim wrote:
> *_Production or Pipeline (Python) Engineer_*_ –*MAYA or Houdini*_
> The Production Engineering group designs, implements, and maintains 
> software that "glues" together the software and data used in the 
> creation of animated feature films. Production engineers understand the 
> entire computer animation process and use that knowledge to develop the 
> DreamWorks global animation pipeline.
> We are seeking a highly motivated person with experience in both 
> software development and in computer animation production.
> As a production engineer, you will:
> * Maintain the existing software systems used in the production of our 
> films
> * Enhance, modify, and redesign the systems to accommodate the 
> ever-changing requirements of production
> * Interact with animators and technical directors to solve technical 
> production issues
> * Use your understanding of computer animation to come up with creative 
> solutions to difficult technical problems

* and work with me!

I make it to most of the meetings, so please find me there or via email 
if you'd like to hear more about the job (especially the python aspects).

I think I've rattled on about the quality of my workplace before on this 
list, so here I'll summarize some of the distinctive aspects:

* All users of our code are internal. You can email or visit them. 
They're fun artist-types who also know a bit of unix.

* my products get used pretty quickly to make movies which have my name 
in the credits

* we rarely write conventional programs that have been written before-- 
we try to focus on the issues involved in making cutting-edge animated films

* company presentations often involve wearing stereo glasses [1]

* we occasionally build light sculptures, such as these pulsing 
jellyfish that hang over my desk [2]

[1] http://features.cgsociety.org/story.php?story_id=3978


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