[Baypiggies] newbie nuggets

Ursula A. Kallio uak at nerp.net
Wed Jul 2 09:05:20 CEST 2008

Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> It does seem like we have some consensus.  At least, no one has
> objected.  Daryl has volunteered to go first.  Atul has volunteered
> next.  Jim coordinates speakers.  If you are interested in presenting
> a newbie nugget, please tell Jim on list or directly at jim at well.com.
> You can pick a subject of your own choosing or look at the list above
> for inspiration.
> Here's how I propose we gauge success.  During the meeting, after the
> newbie nugget, we ask for a quick show of hands from all the people
> who got something out of the nugget.  If we get 15 or so hands, then I
> say it's worth doing.
Please consider the virtual hands that go up when someone watches the 
video later. Personally, I cannot make it to the live newbie nuggets (or 
the live meetings in general) in Mtn View because of my work schedule.

/me goes back to lurking.


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