[Baypiggies] Upcoming Python programming classes in the bay area?

Eric Walstad eric at ericwalstad.com
Tue Jul 8 00:56:41 CEST 2008


This looks like a good match, although they were hoping for an
in-the-classroom class.

Thanks for the lead, Mark.


On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 3:45 PM, Mark Gentry <mark.gentry at gmail.com> wrote:
> UC Berkeley has a online course that you can join anytime. Cheers, Mark
> On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 3:40 PM, Eric Walstad <eric at ericwalstad.com> wrote:
>> One of my clients loves python since we convinced them to try it for a
>> project a couple years back.  They have a new employee that they want
>> to bring up to speed with Python and have asked me to see if there are
>> any classes available soon.  He has some programming experience from
>> his college days, but is not a computer programmer.
>> Anyone know of any beginner-level Python classes coming up in the next
>> 2-3 months?
>> I've contacted Wesly off-list but have not heard back from him yet.
>> My google search didn't turn up anything local to the bay area.
>> Thanks and best regards,
>> Eric.

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