[Baypiggies] Video Recording? Replay Aug 2 Sat BerkeleyTIP was-Re: Baypiggies meets this Thursday, 7/10: P2P BitTorrent Data Mining by Niall O'Higgins

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu Jul 10 10:51:31 CEST 2008

This looks to be a great talk.  Will it be video recorded?  It would be
really great to do so.  Are the Google videographers alerted & planning
to record it?

If it was, Pythonistas from around the world could join in watching it
on August 2 Saturday.

The Global Berkeley Talks Installfest Potluck & ProgrammingParty (Global
Berkeley-TIP) is progressing nicely.
We again had a BayPiggies member in attendance at the July 5 meeting. 
(& I hadn't enen had time to send out proper meeting announcements.)

I've now got a google groups list for both the Berkeley location meeting
For local Berkeley discussion
and the global meeting.
For global arrangement of talks & coordination.

I'll post announcements to groups hopefully in a few days, but for
BayPiggies members now, I'll say I'm hoping to have a full day's plus of
video recorded talks for people to watch in Berkeley & globally.  Plus
ProgrammingParty & Potluck.

The goal for these next several meetings will primarily to watch
recorded talks, rather than to create new talks. Working to create new
talks is for several months from now.

This event will be user created, as far as selecting the videos to
watch.  So, join the global group mailing list & nominate any videos you
think other attendees worldwide might like to watch.

I'll be mentioning to that list about the BayPiggies OLPC & Martelli
talks, at least.  And, perhaps there are other Python talk videos on the
net, recorded outside the BayArea, & SFBA local folks would be able to
watch them together.

I invite you to join both the local & global groups to get the mailing
list messages, (all members can post & discuss), & invite everyone
interested in GNU(Linux)/BSD/python etc to come attend the meetings.  :)

On Tue, 08 Jul 2008 06:33:01 -0700, "jim" <jim at well.com> said:
> bayPIGgies meeting Thursday 7/10: 
> P2P/BitTorrent data mining with Python and C
> by Niall O'Higgins 
> The BitTorrent protocol is estimated to account for 18-35% of traffic 
> on the Internet. This talk will give an introduction to the protocol, 
> why it has been so effective compared to other P2P systems, and what 
> its limitations are. We will then cover what features make Python an 
> excellent tool to power large scale data mining and analysis of P2P 
> networks. Finally, we will present some results of the quantitive 
> analysis of BitTorrent conducted by the Peer-to-Peer Research 
> Institute. 
> http://p2presearch.com/ 
> http://niallohiggins.com 

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