[Baypiggies] Slide is looking for more python engineers and a software manager

Grace Law glaw at slide.com
Thu Jul 17 00:40:11 CEST 2008


Slide is starting another round of hiring for Python developers. We are looking for a dynamic manager with strong Python / web dev skills to manage our widgets team. We also have positions for more python engineers to design and develop back-end server and middle-tier business logic layer of our high traffic web applications. 

About Slide - 
* Top Friends, SuperPoke!, Fun Wall, Slideshow, etc... - we build media rich internet applications that help people communicate and express themselves 
* > 170 million unique users a month (per ComScore), 7th largest web property, 200+ countries 
* # 1 developer on Facebook, also on mySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Orkut, etc... we benefit from the growth of social networking in general 
* We serve billions of http requests a day in Python 
* Launched by Max Levchin (Co-founder of Paypal) in 2005, valued at half a billion, recession proof 
* Downtown San Francisco (close to public transportation) 

For more info: http://www.slide.com/static/about 

Responsibilities for Software Manager: 
* Lead a small team and drive the development and deployment of our large scale media rich internet applications 
* Work closely with product / matrix team to determine new features, designs, and priorities 
* Suggest new coding practices, recommend architecture changes if appropriate 
* Technologies we use include: Python, Django, Jquery, OO Javascript, AJAX ActionScript, Flex, Flash, MySQL, Linux... 

You should have: 
* drive & energy to take ownership of our widget team 
* strong python and web development skills, exp with django, turbo gear, pylons, or other web frameworks a plus 
* exp with Flash, or at the very least interaction with Flash technologies 
* ability to motivate and inspire a world class engineering team in SF 
* ability to balance short-term needs and long-term visions 
* appreciation for music, good food, ping pong, and a game of Wii / Guitar Hero now and then 
* desire to join company that is making history and seeing your stock options appreciate 

Do you want to be a part of the internet's next biggest success story? Would you like to talk to our team and find out more? Can you help forward our search request to other people? 

Please <a href="https://www.jobscore.com/job_seeker/jobs/apply_jump_page?job_id=dA08FQu4ur3A6paaWPp1Hhor ">Apply Here</a> or send resumes to glaw at slide.com 

Thanks and I look forward to talking to you - 

Grace Law 
glaw at slide.com 
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