[Baypiggies] Python magazine code / buildout

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Wed Jul 30 08:48:28 CEST 2008

Donna Snow wrote:
> I actually purchased the July issues (I'd LOVE to see the March issue on 
> buildout.. anyone know if I can get access to archives)

I got that issue at pycon, and the buildout article was one of my 
favorites. Then I actually tried buildout for an afternoon, and got 
nowhere. The config file is weird, and the number of new terms and their 
relationships is large. I still don't know the difference between a 
'part', 'recipe', 'interpreter', or a config file section.

But, a few weeks later I tried again and actually got some good results. 
One of my dependencies (lrucache) has a dead pypi link for its egg file, 
so I had to leave that one in my old hand-made build setup. I was able 
to put 4 other dependencies in a buildout recipe/config/whatever.

In summary, my recommendation is to try buildout twice.

In case any buildout experts are reading and want to show off how clear 
a .cfg can be, feel free to fix this one:

parts = external_libs
bin-directory = buildout_bin

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = python-dateutil==1.4
# lrucache is in pypi, but the site is offline
# minifb is not in pypi
interpreter = ffgpython
python = python
# for my old hand-made build system:
extra-paths = bin

executable = /usr/bin/python2.5

I still have almost no idea what I'm doing, but this seems to be working.

In case anyone else is thinking that configparser style is a good way to 
do program configurations, find me at the next meeting and I'll explain 
how RDF works :)

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