[Baypiggies] Use Python in Sytems/Network Admin job in Walnut Creek

Reggie Dugard reggie at merfinllc.com
Tue Jun 3 03:20:26 CEST 2008

**Position**: Member, Technical Staff

**Job Description**: Systems Administration/IT

We are a small and growing investment fund management company, looking for a
systems administrator who can work with a small team, and eventually lead the
design, growth, and maintenance of our heterogeneous system infrastructure.  We
require strong skills working with Linux based computation and storage networks
in production and development environments, and some familiarity with basic
Windows networking environments.  Knowing (or learning) Python is a requirement
of the position, although experience with other scripting languages (Bash,
Ruby, Perl, etc.) and an ability and willingness to adapt is fine to start with.

Qualifications (required):
   * Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
   * Three or more years experience working with small to medium size networks
   * Several years experience with Linux and/or Unix systems administration
   * Experience working with hardware and OS setup and maintenance
   * Willing to learn and manage a small Windows/MacOS office network
   * Flexible work schedule to facilitate working in a 24/7 environment
   * Able to work with a team, as well as independently, on various projects
   * Able to document procedures in a reasonable manner (internal wiki)

Experience with any of these topics is a plus:
   * Developing tools in Python and Bash scripting languages
   * Network and Security Management (firewalls, SSH, VPN, DNS, DHCP)
   * Co-location, clustering, fault-tolerant systems
   * SAMBA, Windows Domains, Active Directory
   * Virtual Machines (Xen, VMWare, VirtualBox, UML)
   * Mail administration (IMAP, postfix)
   * NFS, automounting, NIS/YP
   * Tape backup hardware / Bacula
   * Basic web administration (httpd, wiki, etc.)
   * VPN configuration and secure private networks
   * VLANs and SNMP/RMON configuration and monitoring
   * Performance and Capacity monitoring (Nagios, ntop, etc.)
   * RAID-5/6 setup
   * Database admin (MySQL, Postgres)

Compensation is attractive and includes an incentive bonus based on fund

If you are qualified and interested, please send your resume to
resumes-wc at merfinllc.com

If you have any questions, you can contact Chad Netzer at 925-937-4560.

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