[Baypiggies] Dreamworks Animation is Looking for top Pipeline Engineers. . . .

Norman, Tim Tim.Norman at dreamworks.com
Fri Jun 13 19:03:02 CEST 2008

Hello, All.

Dreamworks Animation's Production Engineering group designs, implements, and maintains software that "glues" together the software and data used in the creation of animated feature films. Production engineers understand the entire computer animation process and use that knowledge to develop the DreamWorks global animation pipeline.

As a production engineer, you will:
* Enhance, modify, and redesign the systems to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of production
* Interact with animators and technical directors to solve technical production issues

Your software development experience should include:
* Large software systems
* Extensive scripting in Python or Perl (preferably both)
* Object oriented C++ experience
* UNIX/Linux development
* Experience with the Maya API/Plug-ins or Houdini
* Shell scripting (csh, tcsh, sh) ability
* Knowledge of relational database concepts
* System administration skills

You must have achieved at least a bachelors degree in computer science.
A masters is preferred.

Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks


Tim Norman
Dreamworks Animation
Ph 818. 695. 7801
Fax 818. 695. 6210


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