[Baypiggies] Spam for Carrie O'Donnell, removing your add from baypiggies home page please read, others please ignore.

William Deegan bdbaddog at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 06:31:48 CEST 2008

I'm cleaning up the comments on the baypiggies home page and have created a
separate page for job listings.
Since your job posting is over 1 month old I'm removing it tonight.

If you wish to repost, please do so on the jobs page.
Also you may wish to send it to the mailing list as well. You may get a
larger audience.

Here's your ad: sr developers  Posted by Carrie O'Donnell at 2008-03-13
hello fellow piggies.....

For those of you interested, check it out.

the client is a top 5 game company and leading the MMO industry...

The ideal candidate has a blend of strong programming skills and the passion
to build the best. It is likely software is your lifestyle and you will do
anything to be a part of the next wave of entertainment. Individuals who are
excited to contribute to the quality and impact of a large project are the
standard M.O.

Responsibilities include:
* Design and implement game systems with maintainability and correctness
* Work closely with design staff to determine appropriate systems and
* Review and suggest improvements to other programmers systems

Required Experience/skills
* Very strong programming and debugging skills in C++ and C#
* Ability to communicate clearly and work effectively with others
* 4+ years of programming experience
* A shipped game title is preferred but not required

salary doe
24 days vacation per year starting year one
180 days paternity
full kitchen and chef
on site medical care
company vacation homes in the usa and europe for you and your family to
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