[Baypiggies] Frequently Argued Objections

Charles Merriam charles.merriam at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 22:54:37 CEST 2008

Hello Shandy,

While there isn't a link, here are the frequent questions I see:

Q1.  Why is Python case-sensitive?  That is, why is
'bob_is_your_uncle" different from "Bob_is_your_uncle" and
A1.  Because Guido said so, it would be too much of a break with older
languages, and it encourages a consistent style.

Q2.  Why is Python moving to 3.0?  Why is the 'u' tag breaking?  Why change?
A2.  Languages evolve or die.  The 'u' tag disappears because purists
like to write.

Q3.  Why isn't Python the same speed as C++, have lambdas like Lisp,
strong typing like Java, etc?
A3.  Because it is Python.

Q4.  Why isn't Python faster?
A4.  It's fast enough for almost everything, and links easily to C/C++
code.  It is aimed at quickly writing solid code.

Q5.  Why is Pep-8 hard to read?  Why isn't rgruet's quick reference
guide part of the Python documentation?  Why don't Python docs link to
sample code and a wiki?  Why aren't usual "gotcha's" pointed out in
the Python documentation.
A5.  Because you haven't rewritten the Python documentation.

Q6.  Why is Python so complicated and concise?
A7.  Many common problems can be written concisely, so as to save
space.  Python works on some consistent rules under the hood, like
linear execution within a namespace, which provides an understanding
of the concise syntax.

Have fun!

Charles Merriam

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