[Baypiggies] Fwd: hold a meeting at YouTube in San Bruno?

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 12:08:23 CEST 2008

there are a wide variety of responses as well as degree of feelings
(strong or mild).  let me just say that when the group originally
started, it met monthly *in* san francisco. since we were the "san
francisco bay area - silicon valley python users group", we had no
problem moving it around whereever we could get consistent meeting
places with a host, esp. down south to the valley where we had it in
mountain view for awhile, and then moved slightly back up the
peninsula to stanford.

then we moved it to IronPort in san bruno, and then we started to
alternate between there and GOOG in mtn view.  finally, when your 3
hosts at IronPort left that company, it had a more permanent home at
the Googleplex, which is a good place because they provide not only
the meeting facilities but also the recording of talks.

i had originally expressed my opinion that we should meet several
times a year in the east bay for those who are out there, but that
didn't gain much traction.  i'm not opposed to having meetings up in
san bruno again because it helps bring those folks in from marin (like
ben) as well as the city and the east bay.

however, i don't want to sacrifice a consistent meeting location
either.  since YT is also "Google," i'm sure talks up there will be
recorded as well, so in general, anyone should be able to (eventually)
access the actual *talk* online, so that's not the big issue -- it's
for those who want to *go* to the meetings physically and be able to
mingle with their Python brethen (and sistas).  with gas approaching
$5/gal, we should meet where the most members find it convenient, and
perhaps from time-to-time, alternate the location to a *consistent*
alternative location, say the middle month per quarter, or every other
month, or whatever we all agree on (or not).

another plug for san bruno is that it is at the crossroads of a lot of
public transit (BART, CalTrain, SamTrans) as well as 101, 280, and 380
access.  i hold most of my public Python training courses in san bruno
because of such logistics as well as because hotels in that area
generally offer free transport to/from SFO.

just my $0.02,
-- wesley
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