[Baypiggies] Python video suggestion for July 5 Berkeley & Americas' TIPP meeting?

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sun Jun 29 08:08:08 CEST 2008

Hi Pythonistas-

What beginning (or maybe intermediate??) python video(s) are available
for watching over the internet, & which might be best??  For use on July
5 Saturday.


Saturday June 7 was the successful first meeting of a series of monthly
meetings I'm working to organize.  With basically one day's advance
notice, 14 people came for the meeting, including a BayPiggies member
from SanFran who saw the announcement I made about that meeting here on
the BayPiggies mailin list.

As I announced at the BayPiggies meeting two weeks ago, Sat July 5 (one
week from today, probably 10a-6p, hopefully on the UCB campus, free,
come for as much or little as you wish) is the next meeting I'm working
on.  (Note: I'm doing this as a part time volunteer effort for the
community when I've got lots of other responsibilities for my time.) 
I'm currently calling this the GNU(Linux)/BSD Talks Installfest Potluck
& ProgrammingParty - TIPP.

Fot this upcoming meeting I'll be inviting LUGs & other groups around
the Americas to hold simultaneous events, and receive streaming (&/or
downloaded) videos to watch simultaneous with us in Berkeley.  Then,
everone has viewed the same content & we can all sit around on IRC or
VOIP & talk & have real "beverages of your choice" & have a great ol'

Now, for this meeting, since this is the first Americas' wide meeting, &
this is all being organized by me on a "best efforts, nothing
guaranteed, stone soup, self reliant, you make your own luck" kind of
basis, with very short notice, the stated goal is really merely to hold
simultaneous events.  As far as my personal goals go, if one other
person somewher in the world gets on IRC with us at Berkeley, the
meeting is a success.

But, my plan is to aim high.  Hence the attempt to actually get video
content out for people to watch.

Now, I've got about 6 videos I recorded, 5 this past year, that people
might be interested in:  1 RMS on GNU, 2 RMS on Copyright, 3 VOIP, 4
EFF, 5 DotOrgs 60 second videos, 6 Bjorne Stroustrup C++ from about 5
years ago.

This event, will have 5 parallel events: Talks, Installfest, Potluck,
ProgrammingParty, & sitting around chatting (could be considered part of
the potluck). [Potluck will also have the alternative of "bring $5 &
we'll order some pizzas", for attendees who don't want to cook or bring
some food.]

So, for the talks, since this is the first meeting, rather than try to
get speakers arranged for this meeting, Ithought it would be easier to
just video stream (or down/up load) previously recorded talk videos for
the other sites.

Now, I envision this series of monthly events as having topic time slots
for talks/videos, based on topics like: GNU(Linux)/BSD Distrubutions,
Programming Languages, System Administration, WebDevelopment,
ApplicationSw, etc.

So, for this month, for the programming language topic, I originally
thought I'd use my Bjorne Stroustrup C++ talk recorded about 5 years ago
at the C/C++ group in SanJose.

Then I got thinking - well, I'm personally more interested in Python,
there's lots of comments about having python meetings outside of MtView,
Python is probably more of a hot topic than c++, the Bjorne video is 5
years old, - so, why don't I try to find a recent Python talk that has a

So, I got thinking: "I think some of the BayPiggies talks were video
recorded - perhaps we all in the Americas could use the "Programming
Languages" time slot to watch one of those python videos. Or, some other
python talk available for download or streaming from some other entity.

End of backstory.

So - anyone know any Python video we all could watch?  I'm thinking for
this "getting the Americas meetings set up first meeting" the simplest,
most basic & introductory talk would be best.  And, if it was already on
some video streaming or downloading site, so I don't have to do any work
to make it available to the simultaneous meeting groups, so much the


PS: I'll be sending out announcements/invitations for this event to
group mailing lists in a day or so.  I'd like to get info about a Python
video to use, so I can include that info in the announcement.

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