[Baypiggies] what to do for our March meeting? New List

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Mar 1 19:06:33 CET 2008

    Here's a summary of suggestions that have come in.
    Please vote with the usual +1 or -1 and indicate a topic
tag the list shows votes in so far. you're welcome to vote
for multiple tags. to reverse your previous vote, send in
another with the alternate value to cancel.
    Note that we will have a meeting (we won't cancel),
and in the absence of votes, the default will be

(+1) -- MeetAndGreet: have a meet and greet and with a focus on 
(+1) -- DrewNextWeek: Drew Perttula reports on PyCon one week later 
(Thursday, March 20)
(+1) -- HowToVirtANet: How to virtualize entire networks (About 
0 -- SecureMesh: Secure wireless Mesh Networks
0 -- CarComputer: Build an open source car computer

In my view (self is jim), we don't have enough time to prepare
properly for a newbies night or a recruiters night for March 13.
* Newbies: newbies nite
* recruiters nite -- hiring mgrs and recruiters allowed to take the
stage for X minutes each, then collect resumes at the end

On Feb 29, 2008, at 10:43 AM, jim stockford wrote:

>     I've given up on getting a speaker for our March 13 meeting
> for several reasons (noted below as a postscript as they
> probably don't really matter much).
>     so the question is what to do?
> * have a meet and greet and perhaps talk out possible future
> talks or other local python community issues.
> * cancel the meeting.
> * other....
>     Please reply
> with thanks,
> jim
> PS:
> * i've been walking too close to the edge: i should have
> several meetings definitely planned in advance but have
> none--i'll address this is a separate post.
> * pycon is taking people away during the meeting week.
> * though my efforts are admittedly tepid, those i've made
> have failed to yield someone able to speak on march 13
> (some will be at pycon, others have other reasons).
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