[Baypiggies] regex puzzle

Aaron Maxwell amax at redsymbol.net
Wed Mar 12 17:50:15 CET 2008

Yup, that's it.  For the record, I just added the line 
cmdline = cmdline.replace('\\', '\\\\')
to the onecmd() method in our subclass of Cmd, like so:
    def onecmd(self, cmdline):
        cmdline = cmdline.replace('\\', '\\\\')
        # do any other special handling, 
        # ultimately pass off to Cmd.onecmd(cmdline)

Thanks Matt.  The trac example you pointed to is an exact fit.


On Tuesday 11 March 2008 19:05:57 Matt Good wrote:
> On Mar 11, 2008, at 10:47 AM, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> I think what you're seeing is due to how the cmd module parses the
> command input.  It tries to behave like a Unix shell and treats \ as
> an escape character as described here:
> http://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/994
> It's easy to workaround this by overriding Cmd.onecmd and replacing
> the backslashes:
> http://trac.edgewall.org/changeset/3513/trunk/trac/scripts/admin.py
> -- Matt

Aaron Maxwell

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