[Baypiggies] Job Posting: VMware Is Looking for Build Release Engineers with Python Skills to Advise Product Teams

Scott Bradley sbradley at vmware.com
Thu May 1 22:46:40 CEST 2008


VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86
virtualization technology, is looking for an organized and detail-oriented
Build Infrastructure Engineer to play a critical role in improving build
infrastructures to improve productivity for both development and build


We are the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for
industry-standard systems, and the fastest-growing software product company
in the Silicon Valley. 

We have a unique opportunity for Engineers experienced in Build Release
duties who also have excellent communication, scheduling and problem-solving
skills to be the interface between our Product-Development Teams and a
central Build/Release Organization!

We are looking for Build Release Engineers who have the skills and experience
to be the "face of Build Release" guiding and advising our product teams.
This role is strategically important to the company, as you would be giving
strong direction to the team (based on your knowledge of branching strategies
and source control management) that will affect the entire release process.
Your ability to coordinate and communicate actions between multiple Product
Teams and the Build Team will make you an invaluable asset to the smooth
release process for all the projects you guide, and the action is fast and

This is an exciting position with tremendous growth and learning
opportunities for the right candidate. You will be interacting with Managers
and Engineers during critical release points, having your fingers on the
pulse of the progress of our releases. You will give build-related guidance
to the teams throughout all of the phases of their projects, developing
world-class virtualization products, and you will be responsible for
proactively scheduling and arranging build-related activities, including both
regular branching and building, as well as one-off label branches and set up
for special builds.

A little about our environment and team:

Our Build environment currently has 300 build machines "and growing", and we
work with 2500 users, 28,000 clients, on 1000 branches on virtually all of
the VMware products. There are currently 24 people on the Build Team (12
Build Release, 12 Build Infrastructure). There are 700 Gig under source
control (5 million files); we are using 11 separate Perforce installations in
CM, 15 proxy servers, 12 physical servers, 6 Virtual Machines for automation
and monitoring, with over 2 Terabytes of physical RAM to give you idea of the
size, scope and scale of our environment.  

Most importantly, if you were interested, you would have a great opportunity
to make a significant impact in the virtualization industry, which is still
in its early stages and fast emerging! That's one thing we can offer that
nobody else can, as we are the industry leaders in this uncharted territory.
If you yearn to make a real impact, that is the kind of opportunity we offer!

A general list of our requirements and the responsibilities for the position
are pasted below in the body of this email.





VMWare is Looking for Great Build Release Engineer Advisors!


VMware, the industry leader in high-performance, enterprise-class x86
virtualization technology, is looking for a detail-oriented Build Release
Engineer with strong scheduling and people skills to be the "Face of
Build/Release" within Project Teams: to provide an interface between
product-development teams and a central build/release organization.


This Build Release Engineer  will work with one or more project teams,
providing build-related guidance to the team(s) throughout all phases of a
project. Working through complete product release cycles, with all members of
multiple teams developing world-class virtualization products, makes this an
exciting position with tremendous opportunities for learning and growth.


You will be responsible for proactively scheduling and arranging build
-related activities for the projects, including both regular branching and
building, as well as one-off label branches and set up of special builds. The
Build Release Engineer must have a strong understanding of build processes
and tools, as they will advise teams on best process for smooth release.


This is a fast-paced role for a very detail-oriented person who has strong
communication and conflict-resolution skills, as this person will interact
with Engineers and Managers on one or more project team through critical
release points. 



*	Work within one or more product teams to provide guidance and support
on all source control- and build-related aspects of a project. 
*	Run, debug, and maintain VMware's build and release process and
provide daily and nightly build support for engineering and QA; run custom
builds as needed, monitor running builds and spearhead broken build issues,
and provide fast turnaround on build issues during release cycle. 
*	Develop, debug, and maintain VMware's internal tools including:
official build process, Tinderbox build system, developer build tools, source
control wrappers and tools, build reporting and statistics, and internal
build group productivity tools.



 Build Release Engineer (Advisor)




*        Must have BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

*        Must be detail-oriented, and have strong organizational skills.

*        Must have 3+ years of industry experience in Build/Release,
including monitoring continuous integration, debugging build failures. Prior
experience should include having worked through complete product cycles, from
concept through release. Experience with post-release support is helpful.

*        Must have a thorough understanding of source control management and
branching strategies. Must know Perforce, CVS, Subversion, or Clearcase.

*        Must be able to interface with other team members, including Program
Managers, Development and QA engineers. Excellent communication skills

*        Must be able to prioritize, and drive important issues to

*        Must be comfortable working from the *nix command line.

*        Should have shell (bash/csh) programming experience.

*        Should have Python and/or Perl scripting experience.

*        Helpful to have strong regex skills.

*        Helpful to have experience with makefiles and/or scons.


Interested parties can send resumes to:


Scott Bradley


sbradley at vmware.com




Scott Bradley



Toll Free: 1-877-486-9273

3401 Hillview Ave.

Palo Alto, CA 94304

www.vmware.com <http://www.vmware.com/> 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn



VMware (NYSE:VMW) is transforming computing through virtualization. We are
the global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard
systems. Millions of people and thousands of organizations around the
world-including all of the Fortune 100-use VMware virtualization solutions to
drastically reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization and
flexibility of their existing computer hardware. VMware has an open,
innovative, technology-driven culture. With revenue growth of 100% or more
for the last three years and our recent successful IPO, the future looks
bright at VMware. Nick Sturiale of venture firm Sevin Rosen called
virtualization "the biggest wave in IT right now". VMware is headquartered in
Palo Alto, CA, and has more than 4,000 employees working in over 40 offices
around the world. 

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