[Baypiggies] What do you want to know about Stackless?

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You are the only one that has made that request. I'd love to hear what others think. 


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Actually I'd love to hear about Psyco even more than Stackless. 

(Wonder if anyone else feels similarly?) 


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Subject: [Baypiggies] What do you want to know about Stackless? 


It's not often that Christian Tismer, inventor of Stackless Python visits the Bay Area from Germany. Is there anything in particular that people would like to know about Stackless so I can ask Chris to incorporate them his talk on May 8? 

So far - I have heard - 

1) Why is Stackless needed 
2) Latest development with Stackless 
3) How do you get it working in your system? 
4) How do you use it in your app? 
5) Comparison with Greenlets 

To get a preview on Stackless - visit: 

Thanks in advance for your comments... 

Grace Law 

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