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jim jim at well.com
Sat Nov 8 20:47:05 CET 2008

   my preference is for discussion among bayPIGgies 
members to settle on topics for meetings. after some 
sense of concensus, a few of us can scramble to set 
things up. 
   currently we have "doctest integration" as the 
newbie nugget for november's meeting. 

   here's a list of suggestions we've gathered so far: 

* Starting with pygame!
* using datetime
* using decimal
* using pytz
* file handling basics
* string formatting/templating 

* Function decorators.
* List comprehensions.
* Generators and generator expressions.
* Function pointers and map.
* Using "else" with "for", "while", and "except".
* Using StringIO.
* Using IPython (and installing it with an egg).
* Using "try/finally" with file handles vs. using the "with" statement.
* Using lambda.

* Using IPython (and installing it with an egg) 
* Using "try/finally" with file handles vs. using the "with" statement 

* functional programming stuff like lambdas and higher order functions 

* the new "nonlocal" declaration from PEP 3104 

* the difference between nonlocal and global 

* working through scoping and immutables 
* an introduction to Nose 
* "Python Code Unravelled": looking at Decorators, Method Dispatch, List
Comprehensions, and such as shorthands for longer Python code

   here and there people have proposed topics for 
a newbie nugget and then "taken it back" because 
they want to develop it as a full-blown featured 
   one form of a helpful response would be along 
the lines of "i wanna do <NEWBIE_NUGGET_TOPIC> 
for december!" 
   another helpful response would reflect your 
enthusiasm (any valid integer could be accepted, 
to be factored by the numbers of persons voting: 
your +65537 for a topic might carry more weight 
than someone's +3, but maybe not much more, and 
lots of +1 votes for a topic would certainly weigh 
more than one person's large integer). 

On Sat, 2008-11-08 at 11:06 -0800, Donna Snow wrote:
> Hi,
> It was suggested at the World Plone Day event I held yesterday that a
> newbie nugget or lightning talk on the new features of Plone 3 might
> be accepted? It's been at least a year and a half since I did the
> Plone presentation/overview and much has happened since. When is the
> next newbie nugget day and/or when do you think we should fit this
> in. 
> Donna
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