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On the conference:


The Stanford Open Source Lab (Un) Conference
happens this Friday, November 14, 12- 6 p.m. at Wallenberg Hall.

Come learn about open source @ Stanford
Come show off your open source project
Sign up for speaker slots at Noon
Student projects especially encouraged!

For more information, visit: http://opensource.stanford.edu

Sessions will include:

Rob Lucas - Open Journal Systems
Joy P. Ku - Simbios/open access in biocomputation research
Chris Ridder - Center for Internet and Society: OS licenses 101
Vladimir Bacvanski - inferData: Web 2.0, AJAX, other open source
Kieran Lal - Drupal/Acquia
Zack Rosen - Chapter3: Drupal, the Howard Dean campaign, Non profits
Mike Linkswayer - Creative Commons
Raj Kumar, Internet Archive: The Importance of Open Source Books.
Tracey Jaquith, Internet Archive - new Ogg Theora video support in
Firefox 3.1, and ...
Ed Chi, PARC - Who edits wikipedia
Henrik Bennetsen, Stanford Humanities Lab - Open discussion about the
future of the Stanford Open Source Lab
John Bickar, Irina Zaks, OSL - Drupal training 101
Mike Krieger, Stanford student - Django courseapp
Alex Kozak, Ben Moskowitz, UC Berkeley students - Students for Free
Dave Cohen - Facebook for Drupal

More than two centuries later: a government of the people, by the people,
for the people, has not perished from this earth!
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