[Baypiggies] Slide is looking for Senior and Junior Python Web Engineers

Grace Law glaw at slide.com
Thu Oct 9 19:56:24 CEST 2008

Hi there,

Now that Slide has completed our move to an office 4 times the size  
near the ball park in San Francisco, we are eager to complete another  
round of hiring, especially for good python engineers at http:// 

Working with 3-5 people team in a fast pace environment, you will be  
building and scaling out highly entertaining, media rich internet  
applications used by hundreds and millions of people.  You will solve  
hard problems and collaborate with really smart engineers.  We serve  
over a billion http request a day in python now, and are already  
scaling it 10 times the current size.

About You:

     * Get excited about working with really smart people and solving  
really hard problems
     * Consider yourself an expert in designing and implementing  
complex object-oriented abstractions, data structures, run-time  
complexity, etc. but feel you can still learn from others
     * Have worked with different languages but have a strong  
preference for Python.  You have submitted patches or are working on  
it.  You think decorators and generators are cool.  You are familiar  
with Django, Pylons or TurboGear frameworks and know there are trade- 
     * Have some experience with front-end AJAX technologies -  
JavaScript/HTML/CSS, you think AS3/Flex/Flash are interesting and  
wouldn't mind learning it
     * Enjoy working in small team, fast pace start-up environment  
where engineering is king
     * Enjoy staying up-to-date with technologies so you can suggest  
new coding practices, recommend architecture changes and collaborate  
with our platform team to optimize scalability and network efficiency
     * Love seeing your work used by hundreds and millions of people

About Us:
Slide is the #1 developer of applications on social networks.
     * Our applications, Slideshow, FunSpace, SuperPoke! and Top  
Friends, are consistently ranked among the top 5 most actively used  
applications on Facebook
     * Our 170 million users make us one of the top 10 web properties  
in the world.  We are on track to be top 5 within the next 2 years
     * Recently announced partnership with Time Warner, CBS, E!, etc.  
to distribute videos to social network users ... See article on Wall  
Street Journal on Oct 1 - http://tinyurl.com/46ttj2
     * Launched by Max Levchin (Co-founder of Paypal) 3 years ago, <  
100 employees now, valued at half a billion

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or send  
resumes to glaw AT slide DOT com

Grace Law

For more information on Slide -

Read the case studies to get a glimpse on our underlying engineering  
efforts and why advertisers love Slide

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