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On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Andrew Dalke <dalke at dalkescientific.com> wrote:
>  I'm looking for a place where I can do a two-day training
> course in the Bay Area on Python for cheminformatics during the
> first week of December. Details about the course are at:
>  http://dalkescientific.com/training/
>  Wesley Chun last June on this list mentioned a set of criteria,
> which might help others suggest possibilities.
>> a real classroom or a hotel conf room
> Doesn't matter.
>> do you need computers with monitors,
> Yes, though I expect people will come with their own machines.
>> an OS already installed -- what OS, what version of Python (if any),
> Preferably Linux, with Python 2.5, IPython, matplotlib, and some
> tools that I'll install into its own isolated directory. I can
> do Windows as well, in which case Excel would be good. Probably
> a few others I'm omitting now.
>> the number of people expected
> 5-8
>> do you need a Kinkos close-by for material duplication,
>> should it have a free shuttle to/from the airport
> Not important.
>> is providing food and drinks an option, your budget, etc.
> Food for coffee break and lunch.  Budget is something like
> $150/head, but that will depend on what services are possible.
> For example, the last place I did this (Mike Müller's Python
> Academy in Leipzig) also handled printing, invoicing,
> credit card processing, and local assistance, like
> pointers to hotels, and other travel advice.
> I tried getting ahold of Wesley but didn't get a response,
> and I couldn't find anything more recent in the list
> archives. Perhaps others have suggestions?

hi andrew,

sorry i hadn't gotten back to you yet. i had a place in mind but the
contact and detail info slipped my mind at the moment, and the other
place came from someone who came to last month's meeting:

1. ReadyServe -- they are in Santa Clara at the TechMart next to the
SC convention center... http://readyserve.com .. tell Steve i sent ya!

2.  PlugandPlayTechCenter -- they have locations in Redwood City, Palo
Alto, and Sunnyvale... http://plugandplaytechcenter.com/ ... they are
a start-up incubator who i believe has room to do training gigs.
perhaps Shohei can elaborate further?

good luck!
-- wesley
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