[Baypiggies] Possible future meeting topic

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 07:08:10 CEST 2008

I discussed this with Jim after the meeting Thursday night and he
encouraged me to mention it on the list...

I'm still pretty much a Python Newbie. One of the ways I've been
growing lately, however, is getting acquainted with the various tools
many Python devs use. Not just code editing tasks (say flymake mode in
Emacs or pylint or pep8.py) but tools for test running and reporting
(nose) documentation generation (sphinx)
deployment/building/dependency managment (distutils/setuptools,
zc.buildout, fabric...) managing python environments (virtualenv) and
better interactive shells (IPython). I'm sure there are other tools
people can think of - these are just the ones I've looked at or have
on my personal todo list...

I'd like to propose a "Python Dev Tools" session at Baypiggies. It
seems like it would be easy to have a Baypiggies night with 4 or 5
presentations on python development  tools by group members (or of
course any tool authors/gurus we could rope into presenting).  Perhaps
a maximum length of ~15 minutes per presentation would be good - some
tools might only need 5 minutes (I'd be happy to do 5 minute
presentation on virtualenv for example). Maybe we should stay away
from the flamewar-inspiring topic of editors - people tend to have
made religious choices in these areas already. Most helpful to me as
newbie would be the whole packaging/deployment area but if we decide
to do this perhaps interested list members could volunteer
presentation topics and approximate length and we could all vote on
what we are most interested in hearing...

What does everybody else think?


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