[Baypiggies] Reminder PyGameSF meetup Tonight October 7pm @ Metreon San Francisco

Harry Tormey slander at unworkable.org
Mon Oct 13 18:11:41 CEST 2008

Hi All,
Just a reminder that this months PyGameSF meet up is on tonight from
7pm at the Metreon food court in San Francisco. This month's
presentations are:

- Robert Ferguson "The Gamera Framework"

About:  This talk will demonstrate Gamera: A framework for image
analysis and recognition with a python-based framework using C++
algorithms and a Matlab like interface to reduce the programming
burden for domain experts.  http://ldp.library.jhu.edu/projects/gamera/

- Brad Busse "What I Did for My Summer Vacation" 

About: In this getting-to-know-you talk Brad will describe a Defend
Your Castle clone he coded over the past summer (using pygame), and
enthuse over Pygame and OO coding in general.  He will also touch on
his current project, and ideas for possible collaborations.

Harry Tormey

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