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On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 10:08 PM, Simeon Franklin <simeonf at gmail.com> wrote:

> I discussed this with Jim after the meeting Thursday night and he
> encouraged me to mention it on the list...
> I'm still pretty much a Python Newbie. One of the ways I've been
> growing lately, however, is getting acquainted with the various tools
> many Python devs use. Not just code editing tasks (say flymake mode in
> Emacs or pylint or pep8.py) but tools for test running and reporting
> (nose) documentation generation (sphinx)
> deployment/building/dependency managment (distutils/setuptools,
> zc.buildout, fabric...) managing python environments (virtualenv) and
> better interactive shells (IPython). I'm sure there are other tools
> people can think of - these are just the ones I've looked at or have
> on my personal todo list...
> I'd like to propose a "Python Dev Tools" session at Baypiggies. It
> seems like it would be easy to have a Baypiggies night with 4 or 5
> presentations on python development  tools by group members (or of
> course any tool authors/gurus we could rope into presenting).  Perhaps
> a maximum length of ~15 minutes per presentation would be good - some
> tools might only need 5 minutes (I'd be happy to do 5 minute
> presentation on virtualenv for example). Maybe we should stay away
> from the flamewar-inspiring topic of editors - people tend to have
> made religious choices in these areas already. Most helpful to me as
> newbie would be the whole packaging/deployment area but if we decide
> to do this perhaps interested list members could volunteer
> presentation topics and approximate length and we could all vote on
> what we are most interested in hearing...
> What does everybody else think?

 I agree with your idea.  It sounds like a fun night.  We would need
multiple speakers for each of the topics, and we would need someone to
organize them.  *wink*

By the way, at the risk of advertising, "Expert Python Programming" covers
all of these topics: http://www.packtpub.com/expert-python-programming/book.

Best Regards,

Making something complex is simple.
Making something simple is complex.
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