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My personal order of preference:> * Using the profile module
+1 Definitely, but I want to know how to go all the way to coloring hotspots in my source code
in (say) Eclipse IDE, i.e. a high-productivity low-overhead flow judiciously using profiling only as and where needed, and mainly to shift stuff out of the inner loop. And when do I decide to either go to Psyco JIT, or recode the inner loop in C++ and wrap it for Python?
> * Using IPython
> * Using nose, nose tests, and doctest
+1 to both, Fernando Perez (ipython creator) may touch on iPython next month anyway when
he talks on Scientific Python. FYI NumPy uses nose and Sphinx-based documentation.(see p24, "The State of SciPy" 2008, http://conference.scipy.org/static/wiki/stateofscipy.pdf )
> * Using pdb0.5 don't really care. Do people use this much on real systems for actual debug?
Asserts, logging and trusty old print statements have always done it for me.
(Will pdb do multithreaded? etc.)
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