[Baypiggies] Python Developer for NSF-Funded Startup

Rocky Kahn rocky at teampatent.com
Mon Oct 27 23:41:26 CET 2008

TeamPatent, an innovative NSF-funded startup, is looking for an expert
Python software engineer to help with our document storage processing.
This may sound straightforward, but it turns out that what we're doing
is ground-breaking research--the National Science Foundation describes
our technology as "game changing". We have two years' funding to
refine the product and a strong business model when we go into

We're building a browser word processor (similar to Google Docs) but
with cross references that go _into_ drawings. Although we're first
applying the editor to drafting patent applications, this project
isn't exclusively about patents...patents are a highly-constrained
format in which we have both technical and market expertise.
Longer-term, we're designing a new type of general word processor that
could be an important part of the future of Office 2.0.

Strong candidates will have previously led architectural design and
implementation of a data-driven web application, preferably in a
smaller company or team where you had to wear many hats. You'll be
working in Python as you build a deployment system on Linux-based
Amazon EC2 instances, design a federated search capability across
dynamically-instantiated DB servers, help us take another stab at
cometd, etc.

As a member of TeamPatent, you'll help contribute to open source--we
already maintain two of the largest widgets in Dojo-dijit.Editor &
dojox.Sketch--and, with your involvement, we hope to contribute facets
of our backend infrastructure. TeamPatent holds the potential to be a
career-making project with enormous intellectual scope and market
potential. We're smart, creative, and open to new ideas...come join

Write to me, the founder, at rocky at teampatent.com

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