[Baypiggies] Possible future meeting topic - call for presentations

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 00:12:49 CET 2008

JJ  poked me to say I'm supposed to be picking talks for the tools night so
I thought I'd recap the conversation for the list so far and solicit
presenters once more...

A Baypiggies night (date TBD, sometime in Q1 of next year) will be devoted
to community presentations of Python Development Tools. We seem to have
excluded editors and I'd like the focus to stay on tools rather than
libraries/apis/frameworks. So far the potential presenters are:

Myself. I'd be happy to do a short presentation on one of
 * virtualenv - a tool for managing python environments
 * fabric - a python deployment tool ala capistrano.

JJ volunteered to cover one of:
 * Using pdb
 * Using the profile module
 * Using nose, nose tests, and doctest
 * Using IPython

I'm not sure if Charles was volunteering but I'd be happy to hear about
anything from his list that fit into the python tools idea:

*Testing:  nose.  nose w/coverage.
*Debugging:  Using pdb, IDLE, iPython
*Distribution:  Egg, DistUtils
*Static Analysis:  PyChecker, PyLint

I envision up to 3 longer presentations (15 minutes or better) and several
shorter presentations (~5 minutes). By my count I have commitments for 1
short (myself) and 1 long (JJ) presentation. If you have expertise in a tool
and would like to present please email me or mail the list directly. I'd
also take direct mails if you know a python tool author or guru who is local
to the bay area who might be persuaded to present - I'll be happy to contact
and ask. Finally, this seems like a good venue for people who haven't been
vocal in the Baypiggies community (like myself) to do a short presentation -
if you want to gripe about easy_install, brag on your sphinx generated
documentation or show off graphs of your test code coverage please mail me
or the list directly.

Thanks in advance!

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