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Tue Sep 9 18:33:39 CEST 2008

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 Join Us at php|works and PyWorks 2008!

Free training when you sign up!

Sign up for any conference + tutorial day package *before September 27* and
receive complimentary access to one of our training classes free of charge—*a
$900 value yours completely free*!

For more information, visit our Specials

Dear tony—
The publishers of
are proud to invite you to
two great conferences that will take place in *Atlanta, GA, USA*, between
November 12 and November 14.

With over *65 talks in 5 tracks, 10 tutorials* and great networking events
and parties, php|works and PyWorks represent a unique opportunity to not
only hone your technical skills, but also meet and interact with members of
a vibrant community of developers from all walks of life. And remember—your
attendance fee covers access to *both conferences!*

Here's a brief, partial selection of some of the great talks that will be
presented at php|works and PyWorks:

   - Matthew Weier O'Phinney: *Rich UIs with Zend Framework and Dojo*
   - Sebastian Bergmann: *Lambdas, closures and traits in PHP*
   - Sara Golemon: *Simple scaling every developer should know*
   - Travis Swicegood: *Introduction to Git*
   - Mark Ramm: *Building Web Applications with TurboGears*
   - Michael Foord: *IronPython: Python on .NET*
   - Morgan Tocker: *Performance Tuning MySQL*
   - Chris Shiflett: *Security-Centered Design*
   - D. Keith Casey, Jr.: *Mobilizing the Web*

You can find the complete schedule for both conferences

With attendance fees starting as low as $499 per person, special hotel deals
and a location that is just minutes by one of the most accessible
international airports in the world, php|works and PyWorks are *your* chance
to be part of a unique learning experience!

Sign up today—don't miss out!

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