[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies meeting Thursday September 11, 2008: Music and Lights

Leslie Hawthorn lhawthorn at google.com
Thu Sep 11 01:15:12 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

You're back with me as your Google Mountain View meetings point of contact.
Please try to sign up on the wiki to attend tomorrow's meeting no later than
12 noon. Sorry for the late reminder.


Jim, since you are coordinating meetings on the community side can you
please send out this reminder? Apologies if you have and I have missed it in
the past.

It would also be lovely to make the "register on the wiki" note on
baypiggies.net more prominent. I was about to ask that this information be
added to the website when I happened to see the word "register" in the left
hand nav out of the corner of my eye.

Donna, are you still handling site updates?

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