[Baypiggies] Job: Backend Software Engineer for Collaborative Text/Image Editor

Rocky Kahn rocky at teampatent.com
Wed Sep 24 18:06:33 CEST 2008

TeamPatent <http://teampatent.com/> is building a browser-based,
collaborative editor for documents which make frequent references to
features inside drawings.  We're applying this software first to draft
patent applications and later to user manuals, software wireframes, etc.
(many documents could be improved with the addition of highly-associative

Without our software, groups working on a document typically maintain the
text and drawings separately.  All changes to the drawings are made in
Visio/Illustrator/etc by one user (a draftsperson in the case of patent
applications) because it's too hard to manipulate drawings collaboratively.
 MSWord revisions are emailed back-and-forth with exported PDFs of the
drawings.  The association between the text and drawings quickly becomes
brittle.  For example, it's difficult to coordinate changes to both the
drawings and text so callouts are only added (never removed) and figures are
changed rarely.  This reduces the effectiveness of the document and/or
increases the difficulty of maintaining the document.

With TeamPatent's software, the editor automatically recognizes new
terminology and allows users to manipulate occurrences across the document
(e.g. renumbering when terms are reordered).  An integrated Javascript
drawing annotator allows users to place callouts inside drawings which
remain associated with recognized terms in the text.  All collaborators can
make changes to the text and drawings and the association between the two is
maintained automatically.

We seek an architect / engineer who will be responsible for all aspects of
backend development while solving super-complex engineering problems no one
else in the world is working on.  Strong candidates will have previously led
architectural design and implementation of a data-driven web application,
preferably at a smaller company where you had to wear many hats. Our backend
technology stack includes Python and PostgreSQL and we're deployed on
Linux-based Amazon EC2 instances.  You must be proficient in these or
related technologies, enabling you to quickly ramp up.

As a member of TeamPatent, you'll help contribute to open source--we already
maintain two of the largest widgets in
 & dojox.Sketch<http://dojotoolkit.org/2008/02/19/introducing-dojox-sketch-drawing-app-designed-collaboration>--and,
under your direction, we hope to contribute facets of our backend
infrastructure. There's currently just three of us so you'll have plenty of
responsibility/autonomy to be an individual contributor.  TeamPatent holds
the potential to be a career-making project with enormous market potential
and intellectual scope--the National Science Foundation (one of our
founders), describes our innovations as "game-changing".  Note, this is a
really hard project (both conceptually and implementation-wise) and you'll
be working with some really smart people who will be looking to you to

   - Requirements:
      - Demonstrated expert at back-end implementation;
      - Produce elegant, maintainable code;
      - Experience with databases in both design and access methodology;
      - Easy to get along with,, fun, ethical, and low-maintenance; and
      - Intensely driven, proactive, and hard-working.
   - Desirable:
      - Open-source contributions; and
      - Experience planning network operations.
   - Environment and Compensation:
      - Full-time role preferred;
      - This opportunity is ground floor with competitive compensation
      including significant equity;
      - Technical leadership at an early stage startup aiming to shake up a
      valuable market;
      - Flexible work environment focused on productivity; and
      - Should want to live in or near San Francisco Bay Area (we're in

Interested? Send a resume and cover letter to me at jobs at teampatent with the
usual .com
  --Rocky Kahn, CEO
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