[Baypiggies] What's on for BayPIGgies October 9 meeting

jim jim at well.com
Tue Sep 30 06:15:57 CEST 2008

october 9, 2008 (in the Seville room, i believe) 7:30 PM to nine-ish 

newbie nugget: Unit testing with Mock by Daryl Spitzer 

   I'll present examples using Michael Foord's Mock library to create
unit tests with mocks or stubs taking the place of module and built-in
   As Mr. Foord writes in
"Most mocking libraries follow the 'record -> replay' pattern of
I prefer the 'action -> assertion' pattern, which is more readable and
intuitive particularly when working with the Python unittest module."

main topic: Pygame by Harry Tormey and Andrew Turlock 

PyGameSF: A story of multimedia hacking fun with Python
By Harry Tormey and Andrew Turley. 

   This talk will give an overview of the technologies available for 
creating multimedia projects with Python, how the PyGameSF meetup got 
started, what it's all about, and an overview of the wide variety of 
projects presented at this meetup. 

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