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This may be of interest to the Python community. It's around the corner:

CodeCon 2009 is fast approaching, April 17-19 at Cellspace in San

CodeCon is a conference of working demonstrations. Three days of quick
presentations of actual working code, shown by people who wrote them,
all for under $100 ($75 if you register within the next day). Past
highlights include early presentations of BitTorrent, PGP, and

Presentations this year include:

BioHack! Track:

   * DIY Synthetic Biology - From Design to Construction with New
Model Organisms
   * Homebrew Genetic Testing - Read your own source code - at home!
   * Keiki Gels - Visualize DNA -- in a drinking straw!

Code Track:

   * BitTorrent DNA - Effortless BitTorrent deployment
   * Distributed Transaction Layer for Google App Engine - Transaction
semantics across multiple entity groups for applications written in
the Google App Engine
   * Helios Voting - The first and only web-based voting system that
enables voters to verify their vote and the overall tally with
cryptographic certainty.
   * Libevent - making fast asynchronous network programs portable
   * Pork - Largescale Automatic Rewriting of C++
   * OneSwarm - privacy preserving peer-to-peer data sharing
   * Parallel Web Browser - a web browser for handhelds & multicore
   * Switzerland - a semi-P2P system for detecting forged and modified
IP packets between clients
   * Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem - a secure, decentralized,
fault-tolerant storage network
   * TorFlow - A Python-based Tor Research Toolset
   * Trend Profiler / trend-prof - Finding performance surprises
(super-linearities) in C / C++ code based on trends in the runs on
different size inputs.
   * Typhon / Scream

To learn more about CodeCon, you can look at the sites from previous


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