[Baypiggies] Brainstorming new talk ideas...

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 23:42:42 CEST 2009

jj wrote:

> I'd also be happy to see a Django talk, although I'd like to see a
> power users talk.  It seems to me that Django is really easy to get up
> and running with, but it's easy to run into brick walls.  I'd love to
> see a talk from someone who has tips and tricks for breaking through
> brick walls without excessive use of monkey patching.  I'd also love
> to see someone tell me the practical difficulties of using a different
> templating engine.  I know it's possible, but I want to hear from
> someone who's done it in production and can talk about the drawbacks
> he encountered.
> Simeon, if you want to help with such a meeting, don't feel like
> you're hogging the mic.  Your last meeting was great :)
Yeah I'd be happy to help out in a django themed night. I have used Jinja
templates as an alternative to the built in templates and could talk about
that but my experience has actually been that there aren't too many brick
walls (at least: there usually ends up being decent ways around them.)

Off the top of my head I might be interested in talking about must-have
additions to django. I mentioned django-command-extensions the other night
(generates a dependency graph from your models and has commands for
profiling, among other niceties) and have a few other "general-purpose" apps
I frequently use to make django a little nicer to develop against...

I'll keep thinking, but it sounds like we're scheduled through June right

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