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Torin Block tblock at nutritionquest.com
Sat Apr 18 02:03:41 CEST 2009

NutritionQuest, an innovative Berkeley small business, is looking for an expert Python software engineer to enhance our "Alive" program. Alive was proven effective in a randomized trial, and we have won a grant from the National Institutes of Health to build on this program. 

Alive is an email based nutritional and physical activity behavior intervention program. The backend "Alive!" server includes an XML based personalized email formatting, web form generation, validation and response processing system. 

The server is written in Python, with the TurboGears web framework, SQLObject to drive database in MySQL, and numerous Kid templates to format personalized web pages, validate questionnaires, and send HTML email messages. Kid templates translate data driven XML templates into HTML, collect and validate responses, display error messages, render personalized user home pages and administrative web pages, and send personalized HTML email. 

The server includes a data driven nutritional and physical activity analysis system implemented in Python. The OpenLaszlo slider tool client implements an identical analysis algorithm in JavaScript, based on the same data and questionnaire answers, which enables users to interactively play around with the benefits and trade-offs of changing their behavior. 

Technologies: Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Python, TuborGears, Kid templates, CherryPy, SQLObject, XML, Relax NG, PHP, JavaScript, OpenLaszlo, DHTML, Form Processing, Web Services, JSON, AJAX, MIME E-mail, Subversion. 

** B.S. in Computer Science or a related field 
** Advanced knowledge of and experience with Python, and significant exposure to the programming languages and paradigms mentioned above 
** Ability to work with minimum supervision to deliver well-designed high-quality code on time 
** Desire and ability to quickly learn new languages and technologies 

This position would ideally be full-time or near full-time for several months, followed by part-time by mutual arrangement. We would prefer that it be on-site for some of the time (1 block from Berkeley BART). 

Torin Block 
tblock at nutritionquest.com 
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