[Baypiggies] PyGameSF meetup Thursday April 23rd 6pm @ Main San Francisco Public Library

Harry Tormey slander at unworkable.org
Sun Apr 19 01:21:11 CEST 2009

Hi All,
Just writing to say that this months PyGameSF meet up is at the STONG
conference room on the first floor of the main San Francisco public library
beside civic center BART. This month's presentations are:

-Bret Truchan: A short introduction to DS programming and talk about
the DS as a musical platform. Bret is the creator of GlitchDS
(http://www.glitchds.com/ a popular cellular automaton sequencer for 
the Nintendo DS). He'll be bringing a few Nintendos for some hands-on 
play time.

-Andrew Turley: Adventures in iPhone Web Apps . iPhone web applications give 
developers a way to put something on the iPhone without going through
the App Store (and risking rejection by Apple) or jailbreaking the phone. And 
with features like multitouch and 3d transforms, Safari isn't quite
the barren wasteland of a platform that you might initially guess. But there are
some things you have to learn, especially if you've never written a web
application before. Andy will talk about some of the things he learned while
writing his first iPhone web app. He will also discuss ways to use iPhone web apps
as controls for applications running on a host computer, and show some python 
examples of these types of programs.

PyGame SF is an informal group meet up in San Francisco for Software
engineers interested in python, OpenGL, audio, pygame, SDL,
programming and generally anything to do with multimedia development.
The format of our meetings typically involve several people giving
presentations on projects they are developing followed by group 
discussion and feedback.

If anyone else would like to give a micro presentation, show demos or
just talk about what they are doing or generally give examples of any
relevant software they are working on please feel free to head along.

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Harry Tormey
Co Founder P2P Research
Founder PyGameSF
Software Engineer Digidesign

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