[Baypiggies] PyGameSF meetup Wednesday August 12th 6pm @ Main San Francisco Public Library

Harry Tormey slander at unworkable.org
Sat Aug 8 00:26:18 CEST 2009

Hi All,
The August PyGameSF meet up will be at the STONG conference room on
the first floor of the main San Francisco public library beside civic
center BART. The library closes at 8pm so we will reconvene to frjtz
on hayes street for dinner/drinks afterwords. This month's
presentations are:

    * Eric Bieschke and Casey Duncan: Xenotrader, a space trader MMO
for the iPhone. The presentation will include such weighty topics as:
Developing on Google App Engine,  using jQuery and WebKit to create an
interactive game,  composing game sprites using nothing but CSS, HTML,
masking tape and dental floss.

    * Andrew Turley, Harry Tormey: Who is it?, anatomy of a facebook
guessing game. This presentation will cover what it takes to build a
facebook game while maintaining a modicum of sanity using pylons  and

PyGameSF is an informal group meet up in San Francisco for Software
engineers interested in python, OpenGL, audio, pygame, SDL,
programming and generally anything to do with multimedia development.
The format of our meetings typically involve several people giving
presentations on projects they are developing followed by group
discussion and feedback.

If anyone else would like to give a micro presentation, show demos or
just talk about what they are doing or generally give examples of any
relevant software they are working on please feel free to head along

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Harry Tormey
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