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Regardless whether or not the time has come for a separate

'baypiggies-jobs' list (personally I think it is), let's at least make sure

to require [JOB] is in the subject line.


Beau's postings were good and clear and should be allowed.

Yes, it would be nice if there was more description of the company - see below.


The volume of allowable job postings depends on how Pythonic we say a job

needs to be, and sometimes the job req is unclear of intentionally vague, and

sometimes recruiters get given a req like that, which can cause confusion.

Some companies are notorious for putting meaningless boilerplate like:

"Familiarity with a scripting language (PERL, Python, Tcl) is preferred"

so that 100% of their ads, from techpubs all the way to architect, turn up in

searches on 'Python'.

Two telltale things are when such boilerplate appears towards the end rather

than beginning, and is "desired" or "preferred" rather than "required" or necessary.


Also as to recruiters vs direct, as the economy gets worse, more and more

companies use recruiters as the first-line in sourcing and filtering the

thousands of resumes they get for every position. Basically nobody does direct

cold application any more, in reality. So I suggest we become more relaxed about

known-reputable Pythonic recruiters, and for the rest we make our rules clear,

and educate them gently if they post in error.

Remember that many of our members are unemployed or underemployed.


As to requiring recruiters to describe the client a bit without revealing their

identity, it's useful to require something like "pre-IPO/post-IPO/second-round startup with n employees", should we require that?


Hope this helps,


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