[Baypiggies] [JOB] Storage Architect, Belmont, CA | 150-170k

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Mon Aug 10 04:04:32 CEST 2009

Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> First of all, I agree--let's see postings that have more to do with
> Python, Beau ;)
> Secondly, who here still wants to see postings from recruiters?  I
> know Glen, Aahz, and me all recently got jobs, but I'm assuming not
> everyone else has.  Quick vote: +1 to continue with the lax rules, -1
> to crack down.

-1, continue with lax rules, unless and until it becomes a serious and 
persistent problem.

I'm not looking for work, but I still read every single job posting, as 
I like to keep a finger in the water to see current trends, and also 
just in case the dream job comes around that I want to jump on.

If I weren't interested in job postings, I'd just ignore the messages. I 
like the [JOB] header convention, to make for easy filtering.


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