[Baypiggies] Videos of May's meeting

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Wed Aug 12 06:56:02 CEST 2009

Because editing the videos was so time intensive, I have hired a  
student who does this for $20/hour. I have a limited budget of $100  
per video (that's $100 per month) to pay him for this editing. Now I  
have a fixed budget, I can better plan things, and automate things,  
and stay on task instead of trying to scramble between contracts/ 
projects as I had been the past year and a half. This is well worth  
(and cheaper) than what I've been doing.

We're behind on video editing. And, the student doesn't have access to  
the equipment until school starts again. So, here is what we have for  
May's meeting.

Also, please note that we were not able to film Alex Martelli's talk  
because we were late getting into the building. I have not yet given  
the July tapes to the student for editing.  Also, this is not in a  
YouTube format.

Since this is the first time I hired this out instead of doing it  
myself, I'd be very interested in your feedback. I know the student,  
he definitely put the time into the project. In fact, he probably put  
more in -- these things can really be time intensive. However,  
regardless of the time involved, I still have high (maybe unrealistic)  
expectations of what we can have....

<<Imagine Guido in haphazard apparel running from the far distance in  
a deserted area... getting closer.. and closer to the camera... until  
he gets directly in view and says: "It's......">>




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