[Baypiggies] Announce: Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) 1.7.0 released

Nagappan Alagappan nagappan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 09:43:45 CEST 2009

Greetings all,
  We are proud to announce the release of LDTP 1.7.0. This release features
number of important breakthroughs in LDTP as well as in the field of Test
Automation. This release note covers a brief introduction on LDTP followed
by the list of new features and major bug fixes which makes this new version
of LDTP the best of the breed. Useful references have been included at the
end of this article for those who wish to hack / use LDTP.

About LDTP:

Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test
automation framework (C / Python) and cutting-edge tools that can be used to
test Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the Accessibility libraries to
poke through the application's user interface. The framework also has tools
to record test-cases based on user events in the interface of the
application which is under testing. We strive to help in building a quality


Mago project uses LDTP - http://mago.ubuntu.com
GLOM uses LDTP - http://git.gnome.org/cgit/glom/tree/ldtp/

Whats new in this release:

Get the window uptime, maximize, minimize, close, activate all or any given
window name are some of the noticable new APIs in this release. Generate key
event function now uses xmodmap to determine the current local keyboard and
generates the respective key codes.

Bug fixes:

590755 – Keycodes mismatch using generatekeyevent from python-ldtp
586655 – typo hasstate example with more one state separator '+' instead of
587614 – Method to measure how long a window is showing up
588674 – It would be nice if doesrowexist would look for partial matches
587456 – checkrow action fails on tree table cell
583021 – If an application changes a context, it is no longer found by LDTP
588819 – 'import ldtp' freezes interpreter
589898 – local variable 'gobject' referenced before assignment
586291 – Subsequent tests fail when first one registers callback handlers
586657 – Imporve user experience getallstates match for defined state

Special thanks to Arvind Patil <apatil at vmware.com>, Ara Pulido <ara at
ubuntu.com>, Guofu Xu  <Guofu.Xu at access-company.com>,  nouar
garcia-mardmabek <nouar.garcia at sun.com>, José Luis Segura Lucas
<josel.segura at gmx.es>, Tim Sun <tim.miao at sun.com>, Anupa Kamath
<anupak at vmware.com>, Paul Larson <Paul.Larson at canonical.com>, Murray
Cumming <murrayc at murrayc.com>,  Armin Burgmeier <armin at arbur.net>,

New API addition:

Window maximize, minimize, close, activate APIs using python wnck module

Download source tarball -
Binary (openSUSE / Ubuntu / Fedora / Debian / RHEL / CentOS / Mandriva) -
http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/anagappan/ (Just scheduled
in openSUSE build service, might take time to complete depending upon the
server load)

Eitan Isaacson  <eitan at ascender.com> has done a massive work on LDTPv2, a
complete rewrite of LDTP in python using pyatspi, available through


For detailed information on LDTP framework and latest updates visit

For information on various APIs in LDTP including those added for this
release can be got from http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/user-doc/index.html

To subscribe to LDTP mailing lists, visit

IRC Channel - #ldtp on irc.freenode.net


Linux Desktop (GUI Application) Testing Project -
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