[Baypiggies] Python Training Course update

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Tue Aug 18 09:19:27 CEST 2009

I've had a reasonable amount of interest in the Free Python Course. My  
biggest struggle is that practically everyone interested is in the  
South Bay and I don't know of any suitable space that I can use for  
free in the area. If anyone knows of a space, it's a community effort  
and open to everyone (and we spread more Python knowledge :)

I surveyed the potential participants and received 15 responses. One  
of my questions was:

Did you know that at least four other BayPIGgie members teach Python  
courses: Wesley Chun, Jim Stockford, Marilyn Davis and Elaine Haight?

Two thirds (66.7%) did not. So, this is definitely an area that we can  
help our other instructors in -- getting the word out. I didn't  
remember that Jim was teaching a course (I heard that from Tony). And,  
I haven't ever directly communicated with Marilyn or Elaine -- but I  
do see good posts here. I'd like to improve on my networking/ 
relationships in this area.

Of the last 1/3 of those interested who knew of other courses, they  
were interested in what I proposed because it was free. (That and I  
promised a similar course in Django down the road). And one person  
commented that the Foothill college course was cancelled so they were  
looking for a way to still learn.

So, it seems that our community is interested in learning. I'm doing  
my best to step up to the plate. However, with almost everyone in the  
South Bay (and less interested in commuting to SF), this is becoming  
more difficult logistically. I'm trying three alternatives as a  
"creative solution": 1) Exploring the sfCube.com space by CalTrain  
(with possibly setting up a distance learning environment), 2)  
Evaluating if 2nd Life will work as a distance learning environment,  
and 3) Waiting for some magic location to suddenly appear in the South  

In a perfect world, we can do 1 and 2 together and make videos from it  
to share. However, this has been a *lot* of work and will be much more.

So, we are currently delayed two more weeks. We will see what evolves  
by then. With the subversion course that I'm teaching next week at  
work, and with preparing for the potential BART strike this weekend,  
my plate is now full again. This two week delay is the best I can do  
until a better solution is found.

There is interest in this and it's something I think our community can  
do more of. Plus, learning and teaching is just fun :) So, I hope we  
can find a way of making this work. Any feedback, questions or  
concerns are always welcome.

Warmest Regards,

Glen Jarvis

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