[Baypiggies] Unicode woes using print and redirects...

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Sat Aug 22 02:31:48 CEST 2009

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009, Mitch Patenaude wrote:
> If there is a unicode specific string it does the right thing as long
> as stdout hasn't been redirected.
> I have tired to use the codec.EncodedFile to wrap sys.stdout and try
> to get it to recode the output, or fool it into thinking that stdout
> can handle utf8 in either case, but that only causes *both* cases to
> fail, even though I pass in either errors='ignore' or
> errors='replace'.  I'm stumped.  Can anyone enlighten me?

What version of Python?  Check the FAQs on python.org -- this is a
typical question on c.l.python, though I don't remember the answer
off-hand.  (Also check Google.)
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