[Baypiggies] off topic: JavaScript: DOM vs. innerHTML, Server-driven vs. Client-driven

Keith Dart keith at dartworks.biz
Thu Aug 27 01:57:22 CEST 2009

=== On Wed, 08/26, Rich Pixley wrote: ===
> Er...  you all do realize that there are more web browsers in mobile 

Modern phone browsers can do javascript, and they don't have to be
"heavyweight". The basic requirement for that model is simply that all
UI/presentation be handled in the client app (browser), and servers
only provide data, not markup (except for initial page load). 

> I just get tired of all of
> the web pages that require flash or the like just because they want
> to put animations on the buttons. 

Me too, but no one was talking about flash here. ;-) That's not a
requirement for this model. Using the modern-browser model you can do a
lot client-side with just javascript and CSS.  That does, in fact, work
even better with mobile devices since the javascript program is cached,
and what goes over the network after that is minimal. 

> (No mobile phone yet runs flash).

That's not quite true:


But... don't use it. ;-)

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